About Peggy

Peggy S. GuinnessPeggy Stephaich Guinness has been designing jewelry since the early 1980s. Her unique designs are marked by the use of precious as well as semi-precious stones which are always mounted in 18-22 karat gold. Unlike many jewelry designers, Peggy cuts stones to fit her creations rather than design around the stones.

Peggy’s jewelry is greatly influenced by her world travels. Early in her career she spent ten years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was there that she began to work with stones that would become her favorites: Tanzanite, Citrine, and Tourmaline. Peggy has traveled extensively to remote areas of the Orient where she has been inspired by the art and crafts found in the local cultures she encountered.

She continues to experiment with new materials and designs to create jewelry that is young and bold; worn easily with jeans by day or cocktails at night.

Her collections can be found at Betteridge at Greenleaf & Crosby (Tel: 561-655-5850) in Palm Beach and in shops in and around New York City.